COVID data analysis

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Many Data Scientists in Italy and in the world are working and making a contribution to the analysis of COVID data.

Also some of our students and Professors have decided to exercise on these data.


Research Project 1

Winner of the CovidR Contest, an open-source contest and pre-conference event launched by the 2020 European R Users Meeting, featuring any work done with R around the topic of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emanuele Guidotti (Université de Neuchâtel) Professor of the Coding for Data Science course in our Master's Degree in Data Science and Economics, in collaboration with David Ardia (HEC Montréal), present the project COVID-19 Data Hub

The project is funded by the Institute for Data Valorization IVADO, Canada. The goal of the project is to provide the research community with a unified data hub by collecting worldwide fine-grained data merged with demographics, air pollution, and other exogenous variables helpful for a better understanding of COVID-19.

Many databases exist in connection with COVID-19, but no virtual platform currently integrates a significant proportion of these sources. It then becomes difficult to make a global analysis, and to make connections between this often-medical information and external factors, notably socio-political. With this in mind, this international project aims to develop a multifactorial open source platform, allowing the integration and continuous addition of new information.

The data are collected with the R package COVID19. For R users, the COVID19 package is the recommended way to interact with the dataset. For non R users, the data are provided in csv format and regularly updated.

Join the mission

Whether or not you are an R user... take part in the data collection! Your contribution will be gratefully acknowledged. See how to contribute.


Student Project 1

A team composed by (alphabetically): Fabio Caironi, Marzio De Corato, Andrea Ierardi, Federico Matteucci, Gregorio Saporito submitted us an independently-developed project, a shiny App called disCOVIDer19, "A navigation through the pandemia".

The App is available at this link, and it's constantly updated:

A short introduction by Fabio, the team's spokesman:

Our purpose is to gather in a user-friendly environment, such a dashboard application, as many reasonable investigations and analyses about the COVID-19 outbreak in Italy as we are aware of. In this regard, we took advantage of our prior knowledge in disparate fields (we have one Computer Scientist, two Mathematicians, one Physicist and one Economist in the group) along with recent readings and studies we're carrying on about the Coronavirus modelling. Since this project has arisen spontaneously from our curiosity and creativity, it is chiefly addressed to personal research and study, though we don't exclude it could be useful to others. Anyway, our approach is informational: we do list and comment our findings without claiming rather delicate conclusions, expecially about predictions, which many people hinge on nowadays and many lives too, unfortunately. We remark that this App is still under construction and that there's a user guide inside its documentation, in the "Documentation" panel.


Student Project 2

DSE student Amanpreet Singh submitted us an independently-developed web app called Covid19it.

The App is available at this link:

Github repo.:

A short introduction by Amanpreet, the developer:

Covid19it web app takes daily data update from John Hopkins repository and Pcm-Dcm (Italian Govt) official repository and analyzes, displays the data in a user-friendly way.
App gives daily updates about:

  • Total stats for Covid19 in the world
  • Total stats for Covid19 in Italy
  • Italy's region wise summary
  • Summary of top 10 countries with most Covid19 cases
  • Graphical Data analyses: Worst hit countries, Death-total cases ratio according to the country selection, World map with Covid19 mapping and reports


DSE Faculty will be pleased to update this page with other contributions on the same topic!