This page contains a list of the labs organized by the DSE Faculty in each academic year.

Labs usually consist in 20 hours of pratical activities.

A minimum attendance of 75% in required to be assigned 3 ECTS.

Credits earned from labs will count as elective credits (a total of 12 elective credits are required to all DSE students).


DSE secretariat

Prof. Giancarlo Manzi


Laboratories a.a. 2022-2023
  • Nutritional Epidemiology: methods and practice (1st trimester) - Proff. Valeria Edefonti, Francesca Bravi
  • Official Statistics: organization and data of Italian National Institute of Statistics - ISTAT (2nd trimester) - Prof.ssa Silvia Salini


  • Cloud and Distributed Environments for Analytics in a Luxury Brand - Prada Group (2nd trimester) - Prof. Stefano Montanelli


  • Data Scientist for Business Communication - Assolombarda (2nd trimester) - Prof.ssa Silvia Salini


  • Reinforcement Learning - within the university (2nd trimester) - Prof. Cesa Bianchi


  • Retrieving Skills from STEM Job Descriptions and Matching with CVs - Open Search Group (2nd trimester) - Prof.ssa Silvia Salini


  • Modelling, Clustering and Forecasting Post Trade data (Borsa Italiana) - INTERNSHIP (2nd trimester) - N.D.
  • Data Valorization for Fintech - AcomeA SGR S.p.A. - Gimme5 (3rd trimester) - Prof.ssa Silvia Salini


  • Data Solutions for marketing - Intarget Group (3rd trimester) - Prof. Stefano Montanelli


  • Hackathon: Deploy Machine Learning Models on Google Cloud Platform - Emanuele Guidotti (3rd trimester) - Prof. Stefano Montanelli


  • Text data for trading - Ammagamma (3rd trimester) - Prof.ssa Silvia Salini


  • Personalized Health Care - within the university (3rd trimester) - Proff. Federico Ambrogi, Elia Biganzoli


  • Data Analytics & Digital Transformation - Deloitte (3rd trimester) - Prof.ssa Silvia Salini