This page contains a list of the labs organized by the DSE Faculty in each academic year.

Labs usually consist in 20 hours of practical activities.

A minimum attendance of 75% is required to be assigned 3 ECTS.

Credits earned from labs will count as elective credits (a total of 12 elective credits are required to all DSE students).


DSE secretariat
Prof. Giancarlo Manzi
Prof.ssa Sabrina Gaito

Laboratories offered in 2019/2020

Personalized Health Care
(deadline December 27th, 2019)
3 3
Social Media Observatory
(former Marketing Data Visualization & Advanced Analytics)
(deadline November 25th, 2019)
2 3
Big Data Analysis for Retail
(deadline September 22nd, 2019)
1 3
Data Valorization for Fintech
(deadline September 22nd, 2019
1 3